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Musician world is a new website simply setup to help, up and coming musicians to create or find Bands, or astablished bands to find new members. You can send us your mp3 demo's and vidoes for others to hear. We host our videos through Youtube, so you must have a Youtube acount. ( Please remember that every one around the world will be able to listen to your demo). Please do not send us files that will make a complete ass of yourselves as we will not enable it for everyone to hear and watch, Musician world has the right not to air mp3's an videos it deems unsuitable for others to hear, so please do not waist our time sending unsuitable material ). This will be a new revolution in music. To all you music loving artists, this is the X factor without the auditions, nerves or embarssement, no matter what your age. Remember you will be seen allover the world on hear and Youtube.

Just send us an email with your details, ie Style of music, Name, gender, age, postcode, Instrument you play, contact details and your username/screen name for youtube so we can find you easily. You will have to subscribe to our youtube page for us to host your videos on our site. It is completely free to subscribe to our youtube page.

Our page is Musicianworldyt

PLEASE NOTE: This site is initally for musicians not Bands. But if you are a new and up coming band and wish to be heard we will air your tracks. Please email us for details

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